Band releases new image!

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It has been 10 years since the inception of Moonlight Dub. The project started in a small cottage in Costa Rica as an experiment joining the genre of dub with different “experiments”, which has meant influences from electro, house, hiphop and many other genres.

The original band logo was very allegoric to the band´s name, showing a chemical flask and the font made out of different “moon” elements.




As the band evolved a more ecological oriented lyrics, on the hand of the main MC, HUBA, the design of the band kept the chemical flask ,yet it cleaned the lines and tended to a more greenish concept. This idea accompanied the band up to the recent 2015 change.

With the upcoming 10 years of the band, it was time to update this image to what the band has been more identified with lately.


Fast forward to 2016 and the band is excited to show their new visual image. The design was done by the Gitanos agency, which is a very well know and respected agency in the local market, designing for not only prominent bands, but very well recognized campaigns.

The logo´s palette is based on the Aztec legend of the rabbit on the moon, which evokes to a rabbit saving the main god Quetzacoatl and as gratitude having it´s impression on the moon. The Aztec influence is seen on the new moon design of the logo, whilst the rabbit is a modern and more psychedelic one, more in line with the music. The colours are based of space images and the whole concept evokes a very mystical image. The band has now issued new merchandising making it available through the different events, or contacting the band.